Digital Citizenship & Online Safety Poster Winners

Digital Citizenship & Online Safety Poster Winners

As part of the Wellbeing and Lifeskills programme, J1 students completed a module on Digital Citizenship and the importance of being safe online. 

The students were asked to design and draw a poster to highlight the importance of online safety to other users. The best three from each group were selected, with a total of twelve students winning a prize. 

Congrats to the following students:

Sarah O'Sullivan J1C

Helena Pike  J1C

Ciara Sayers J1C

Jaynie McMillan J1C

Keltyn Molloy  J1B

Caoimhe Lynch  J1A

Emma Horan  J1A

Gemma Guerin  J1A

Rebecca Lomasney  J1C

Emma Cronin  J1C

Joshua Diggins  J1A

Oisin Dowling  J1A

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