On-line Services for Parents


Date Feb 20th 2018

We are presently rolling out an online service for Parents/Guardians, who will have access to their child's details such as Timetable, Exam results etc. This will now be available  online and thus, examination reports will not be issued in hard copy in the future. As you are aware the cost of postage is very expensive for the school.

We will be issuing access to this in a staged process , starting with our present 3rd Years. 

A letter has been issued to parents of 3rd year students, which details how to access their child's Exam results etc.

We have attached a video on how to access this service as well. Please click on the link below.


In relation to Payment of School fees etc, the folowing is accepted: 

- cash

- cheque (payable to KerryETB )

- Presently we are working on a system of online payment ..


 Any questions or difficulties please contact the school Office

Parental Access to VSware system - Video


The Link below will bring parents to the "Log in Page" Parents will have been issued with a usernamer and password(case senstive)

 VSware - Log in page for Parents