Transition into 1st Year

Causeway Comprehensive School's  Transition Programme for Incoming First Years

Our Tranistion programme for our incoming first years starts with our Annual Open Night which takes place in October. 

This is followed in November where we invited students from primary schools to visit our school during the normal school day and experience a number of practical subjects which they may choose. 

Registration and Information Evenings also take place in February .

The School can be opened on Saturday mornings if a students wishes to take a quiet look around the school as well.

As part of our Transtion Programme for incoming first years, the school has a long standing tradition of organising a mentoring programme between 1st year students and Senior (TY & 5th Years) students. The aim of this mentoring programme is to endeavour to show incoming 1st years the ropes for Cuaseway Comprehenisve  school and help them in their transition from primary school to secondary school. Each TY students is assigned 2 - 3 incoming first year students to link with and assist them with any issues or concerns such as lockers, timetable etc.

Out TY students undergo Mentor training prior to meeting with the incoming first years and throughout the year link up with and do activities with the first years to ensure a positive and supportive relationship